Is Your Sustainability Report Up to Mark? A Masterclass on Effective Climate-Related Disclosures

Date: Wed, January 31, 2024

It’s sustainability reporting season for most companies! As your company prepares to make climate-related disclosures, what are the key regulations you need to be aware of? And importantly, what are the best practices to adopt?

Watch this webinar on-demand as Ching Hu, Terrascope’s Climate Regulations and Reporting Specialist, as he shares actionable insights on making effective climate-related disclosures. This webinar is ideal for sustainability practitioners seeking to improve their companies’ climate-related disclosures, or preparing to make these disclosures for the first time.

Key highlights:

  • Understanding Regulations: Gain insights into key country and region-specific regulations that impact your business.
  • Best Practices: Uncover the best practices to adopt when making climate-related disclosures.
  • Tips from Case Studies: Explore real-world examples that illustrate effective climate-related reporting.


Ching Hu
Climate Regulations and Reporting Specialist | Terrascope
sustainability-report-up-to-mark -a-masterclass-on-effective-climate-related-disclosures

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